Fund Supports Hiring, Training of Refugees

The new Refugee Fund, part of the Canada-BC Job Grant program, supports employers in meeting their labour market needs while providing refugees with opportunities to attain skills and employment in British Columbia.

Up to $1 million is available for industry/sector and employer associations to undertake matching of refugees with employers, and provide workplace readiness and skills training. The employer must provide a job to the participant at the end of training.

The deadline to start training is March 31, 2016. Applications are still being accepted.

Welcoming Refugees to BC

The Welcome BC website has information and resources for employers thinking of hiring internationally trained workers.

The provincial government has taken a number of steps to prepare for the arrival, resettlement and integration of refugees in BC, including $500,000 funding for five Refugee Response Teams to plan for the settlement of refugees in communities. Team members are from the refugee service provider community: settlement organizations, private sponsors, churches, educators, health care providers and employers.

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