Final Deadline for RCMP Contract Feedback

The current 20-year RCMP contract calls for a review of substantive matters at five-year intervals. As the first five-year period will conclude in April 2017, the Province has asked local governments to submit topics for consideration as part of that review by January 22, 2016.

UBCM first provided notice of an opportunity for feedback following the April 30, 2015 Local Government Contract Management Committee meeting. In September, UBCM released an update, providing an opportunity for local governments to submit their input. Subsequent to that came a letter sent to all mayors of municipalities over 5,000 in population that receive policing services from the RCMP. Through these means, as well as meetings and forums related to the RCMP contract, the following issues have been raised:

  • Impending new RCMP labour relations model and its potential impacts on costs and service delivery;
  • Cost implications of the national programs (e.g. Police Dog Service Training Centre, the Cadet Training Program) to local governments;
  • Clarifying the ability to provide provincially governed integrated teams;
  • Adding stronger language around federal commitment to local policing; and,
  • Other cost drivers.

If local governments have comments on the contract issues already identified or have additional issues that they would like considered for the five-year review, they are asked to submit a letter from their council or board outlining the issue of concern to Bhar Sihota, UBCM Policy Analyst, no later than January 22, 2016.

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