Feedback Requested: Guidelines for Major Planned Events

The Ministry of Health is asking for feedback from B.C. local governments on proposed guidelines for major planned events. The short survey will provide input on guidelines that event planners would use when holding events in B.C. communities.

Major planned events” are temporary events, such as outdoor concerts and other festivals that result in a large gathering of people. There are often social and economic benefits for municipalities hosting these events. However, with the large numbers of people attending these events, it can be challenging for event organizers and communities to maintain public health and safety, particularly in rural areas.

The Public Health Guidelines: Major Planned Event’s document provides event planners with information about creating a public health plan. Proper planning can avoid the outbreak of foodborne or waterborne illness, prevent dehydration and heat exhaustion, and ensure proper waste management.

The draft guidelines consist of a series of fact sheets on the basic public health issues of drinking water, sanitation, waste management and food safety. An additional fact sheet provides information on harm reduction to address possible unsafe alcohol and other drug use. Each fact sheet explains why the topic is relevant and provides advice on hazard planning, including any approvals that must be obtained.

B.C. local governments can provide feedback via a brief online survey. The survey will be available until February 15, 2016. Your input will be used to explore the potential to make it mandatory for event organizers to complete public health plans, methods for disseminating the guidelines to event planners, and ways to promote health and safety practices among participants and attendees. Your feedback is a valuable part of the process.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Ministry of Health.

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