Federal Consultation on Telecommunications Continues

With over 25,000 comments received as part of its first phase review of basic telecommunications, the CRTC has issued a news release seeking further feedback from Canadians as part of its phase two consultation.

UBCM issued a Compass article on May 20, 2015 advising members of the CRTC’s review of basic telecommunications services and encouraged local governments to make their views known.  UBCM is continuing to work with FCM on this file.  FCM has requested to speak at the CRTC hearing on behalf of local governments on April 11, 2016.

Some of the questions that the CRTC would like Canadians to answer include the following:

  • What telecommunications services do Canadians consider necessary to participate in the digital economy?
  • Which services do Canadians rely on the most to communicate?
  • Should the prices for telecommunications services in Canada be similar between urban and non-urban areas?
  • What upload and download speeds for broadband Internet service would meet Canadians’ needs?

Please convey your feedback directly to the CRTC but please copy UBCM with your feedback so we can ensure that your comments are included as part of FCM’s presentation.

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