FCM Addresses Delegates

In the annual FCM address to UBCM delegates, FCM President Clark Somerville spoke to the similarities between both organizations and the vital role that local governments play in Canada’s growth and development.

Mr. Somerville, Local/Regional Councillor for the Town of Halton Hills and Halton Region in Ontario, applauded the BC members of the FCM board for their success in bringing the BC voice to the federal table.  He outlined FCM’s current focus on Phase 2 of the federal Infrastructure Strategy as well as the need for continued national effort to address housing affordability and broadband internet access in rural communities.

While speaking to the critical role local governments play, Mr. Somerville identified local leaders as being “best positioned to identify projects that improve lives” and he issued a call to all UBCM members to identify and celebrate local government leaders in BC as part of FCM’s Canada 150 Community Leaders program.

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