Evaluation: Healthy Families BC Communities

The Healthy Families BC Communities (HFBC-C) initiative is looking for input from BC local governments. The HFBC-C initiative supports partnerships between health authorities and local governments to create healthier communities. To ensure that this initiative continues to meet the needs of its stakeholders, HFBC-C is undergoing an evaluation by an independent contractor, R.A. Malatest & Associates Ltd. 

An online survey has been created and is open to local government elected officials and staff involved in creating healthier communities. You may have participated in this evaluation last year by completing a similar online survey. The results of this survey will be used to build on the results of the previous survey to enhance our understanding of HFBC-C across the province. The survey will begin on January 11, 2016 and run for 2 weeks. Those wishing to participate should contact Elizabeth Colangelo at R.A. Malatest & Associates Ltd. (1-800-665-5848, ext. 431) at your earliest convenience to obtain a unique identifier for the survey.

Please take this opportunity to steer the future of this initiative and ensure that the support provided by HFBC-C is efficient and effective for local governments.

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