Dog & Cat Breeding: New Regulation, Consultation

The provincial government has announced the creation of a new regulation to recognize a Code of Practice for kennel and cattery operations in BC.  In addition, the Ministry of Agriculture has initiated consultations regarding a potential licensing and/or registration system, and monitoring and enforcement process, for commercial cat and dog breeding operations.

In February, in the wake of two significant seizures of animals from breeding operations in BC, Premier Clark announced the intent to establish a standard of care for breeding operations. On April 24, 2016, Minister Letnick announced the new regulation, which will reside under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and will recognize the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association’s Codes of Practice for both kennel and cattery operations as generally accepted practices of animal management for commercial breeders and boarders of cats and dogs.

The Ministry of Agriculture is now also undertaking consultations regarding the potential for licensing and/or registration, and proactive monitoring and enforcement of commercial cat and dog breeding operations. Although the BC SPCA currently enforces the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, and will now use the Codes of Practice to support their work, it is unclear how a new licensing and monitoring program would be administered and what impacts this could have on local governments bylaws and operations.

To help better understand the scope of existing breeding operations, current local government involvement and other issues and concerns, the Ministry is seeking feedback from all stakeholders.  The consultation period, including an on-line survey, runs from April 25 to May 20, 2016.

For local governments, the Ministry is particularly interested in the following:

  • Bylaws specific to dog and cat breeding, including distinctions between hobby and commercial breeding;
  • Examples of local government licensing for dog and cat breeding, including data on the number of licenses or breeding animals; and
  • Local knowledge of how large lot shipments of animals may be tracked.

As the on-line survey is generally intended for dog and cat breeders, local governments are encouraged to provide written submissions directly to the Ministry of Agriculture.  Please copy UBCM with any submission to the Ministry of Agriculture to Danyta Welch, Program and Policy Officer, (250) 356-5193.

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