Community to Community (C2C) Forum Funding Renewed

A new round of Regional Community to Community Forum funding is now open for applications, thanks to renewed provincial funding.

A Community to Community (C2C) Forum is a jointly organized meeting that brings together First Nation and local government elected officials, and other community leaders and members, to discuss common goals and pursue opportunities for joint action.

The goal of the Regional C2C Forum Program is increased understanding and improved overall relations between First Nations and local governments.

Applicants are eligible for up to $5,000 in matching funds. C2C Forums must include direct dialogue between elected officials of neighbouring First Nations and local governments and work toward one or more specific objectives related to outcomes from the dialogue.

C2C Forum events take many forms.  Possible dialogue topics include relationship building, reconciliation, community and economic development, infrastructure planning, wildfire prevention, land use and resources, and service delivery.

Applications for this intake are due by May 13, 2016, and approved forum events must take place before March 31, 2017. The Program & Application Guide and Application Form are now available on the UBCM website.

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