2016 Province-wide C2C Forum

Planning is underway for the sixth Province-wide Community to Community (PC2C) Forum, jointly organized by the First Nations Summit and UBCM. The forum is designed to bring together First Nation and local government elected officials and senior staff to encourage dialogue and understand areas of common responsibility and mutual concern. The Forum will be held October 18, 2016 at the Musqueam Community Centre.

Creating opportunities for dialogue is essential to fostering relationships that address both present and future community challenges and goals. With a theme of “Joint Ventures”, the 2016 forum will focus on communities that are embarking on journeys of reconciliation and relationship strengthening, and exploring joint opportunities to the mutual benefit of their communities.

First Nation and local government leaders, and key senior administrative staff are invited to attend. Registration and an accommodation listing will be made available online in August 2016. Delegates are responsible for booking their own accommodation.

Questions regarding the PC2C forum may be directed to Angela Turner, Policy Analyst.

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