2016 Indexed Rate Increase for Taxis

The Passenger Transportation Board (PT Board) is allowing taxi companies in BC to request a taxi rate increase of up to 2.9%. This increase is based on indexed cost increases for the past three calendar years. Companies have until September 30, 2016, to request an increase.

Taxi companies seeking a 2016 TLCI (Taxi & Limousine Cost Index) rate increase send requests directly to the PT Board. The PT Board also requires them to notify each local government where the company is licensed to pick up passengers. The notices are for information purposes only.  Local government action is not required.

The TLCI program enables taxi companies to obtain periodic and reasonable rate increases. The PTB approves TLCI rate increases when the annual Consumer Price Index (CPI) for BC rises by at least 2%. Any CPI changes that fall short of the threshold carry over to TLCI calculations in future years.

The PT Board has approved a 2016 increase of up to 2.9% based on the following:

2015—1.1% increase based on CPI(BC)
2014—1.0% increase based on CPI(BC)
2013—0.8%% increase based on a blend of CPI(BC) and the former Taxi Cost Index

Taxi companies may only charge rates that have been approved by the PT Board. Approved taxi rates are posted on its website.

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