UBCM President Meets with Expense Limits Committee

President Dhaliwal reiterated UBCM’s support for the establishment of local election expense limits at his presentation today to the Special Committee responsible for setting those limits, but cautioned the Committee to ensure that their recommendations are reflective of the current 2014 election data.

The presentation was in follow up to a submission made by UBCM in November 2014 to the Special Committee on its phase 1 work regarding principles to guide the establishment for expense limits for all election participants including candidates and third parties.  

The focus of phase 2 is specifically on setting those expense limits.  The Province has directed the Special Committee to develop:

provincially set limits for candidates and third party advertisers in local elections, with limits to be set using a flat-rate amount for jurisdictions under 10,000 people, and a per capita formula for -hose over 10,000 people and third party limits as a percentage of a candidate’s limit in the jurisdiction where the third party is advertising.”

However, UBCM noted in its presentation that in the absence of any analysis of the 2014 election spending data, the Committee is challenged with its task.  In the absence of that current analysis UBCM commented on the principles and recommendations from the 2010 Elections Task Force and discussed key findings from work previously done on 2008 and 2011 spending data.

Information on the Special Committee and its consultations are available on the Legislature’s website.

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