UBCM, MARR Joint Working Group Update

On May 13, 2015, UBCM and the Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation (MARR) convened their first Joint Working Group (JWG) meeting of the year. The JWG discussed several issues relevant to local government including the BC treaty process and the Community to Community Forum program. Members also discussed the JWG’s terms of reference, and welcomed new members, including a federal representative from Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada.

Terms of Reference

Members directed staff leads from UBCM and MARR to finalize the terms of reference, after which both organizations have agreed to sign off on the document.

BC Treaty Process

MARR Assistant Deputy Minister Christian Kittleson provided an update on the treaty process, noting that the Province is currently examining the process in great depth. Re-iterating the provincial government’s commitment to the treaty process, Mr. Kittleson went on to discuss the willingness of the Province to work with treaty tables that are interested in being accelerated through the process.

Community to Community Forum Program

The JWG received an update on the C2C Forum program from the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development representative, including confirmation of the Province’s ongoing commitment, which includes $50,000 in annual funding. Provincial staff continue to receive significant positive feedback regarding the C2C Forum program, further emphasizing the importance and effectiveness of this program.

Other Items

The JWG agreed to bring several items forward at the next meeting, including updates on reconciliation activities, Strategic Engagement Agreements with First Nations, and the Off-Reserve Aboriginal Action Plan.

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