Tax Exemption Proposed for Independent Schools

A Bill introduced by Honourable Michael de Jong, Minister of Finance, during the current session of the Legislative Assembly would expand the mandatory tax exemption provided to independent schools in the Community Charter and Taxation (Rural Area) Act.

If the amendments (Bill 29 – PROPERTY TAXATION (EXEMPTIONS) STATUTES AMENDMENT ACT, 2015) are enacted, the mandatory property tax exemption will expanded to include the land and improvements surrounding an exempt building provided they are reasonably necessary for the independent school’s purposes. Under the proposed amendments, there would be no change to how independent schools qualify for mandatory exemption. Examples of “land and improvements” that would qualify include playing fields; dormitories; parking lots; maintenance buildings; and administrative buildings.

The amendments contained in Bill 29 are available in the Documents and Proceedings of the Legislative Assembly’s website.

Local governments with comments on the proposed legislation are invited to provide those to:

Paul Taylor
Director of Communications, UBCM
525 Government St.
Victoria, BC V8V 0A8
(250) 356-2938

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