Tank Car Classroom Supports Planning, Training for Emergency Response

The Transportation Community Awareness and Emergency Response initiative (TRANSCAER®) is making its Safety Train available to communities across Canada to promote rail safety throughout March 2015.

The Safety Train is a railway tank car that was converted into a classroom on wheels for the purpose of training fire fighters, police, and emergency medical personnel to be better prepared in the event of a transportation incident involving dangerous goods.  

TRANSCAER® members also work with local government officials, emergency responders, and residents along transportation routes to assist them in developing and evaluating their community emergency response plans. Dozens of outreach events across Canada are hosted by TRANSCAER each year.

For further information on the TRANSCAER® program in BC please contact:  Lee Nelson, CN Senior Dangerous Commodities Officer at 604-589-6636.

TRANSCAER® was started in Canada in 1985 by the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (CIAC). Today, CIAC and the Railway Association of Canada (RAC) jointly lead the initiative.

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