Special Committee Reports Out on Expense Limits

Fairness, neutrality, transparency, and accountability were identified by the all-party Special Committee on Local Elections Expense Limits as the key principles to guide development of expense limits. The Phase I report has also recommended that third party advertising be included in the local elections expense limit framework.

With its Phase 1 report on principles completed, the Committee’s work will restart mid-February to establish expense limit amounts.  Information from the 2014 elections on spending will inform the Committee’s deliberations supplemented by additional information and public input.

Committee members will also be guided by the direction set out by government in July 2014 to have provincially-set limits for candidates and third party advertisers using a flat-rate amount for jurisdictions under 10,000 people and a per capita formula for those over 10,000 and third party limits as a percentage of a candidate’s limit in the jurisdiction where the third party is advertising.

The Special Committee is expected to report out to the Legislative Assembly by June 12, 2015 on expense limit amounts.

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