Resolutions, Nominations, Annual Report Online

The 2015 UBCM Annual Report and Resolutions Book, as well as the Nominating Committee Report, are now available online.

The 2015 UBCM Annual Report summarizes the services offered to members, advocacy initiatives and policy development undertaken, and funding programs administered by UBCM over the past year. Also included are the financial statements for the preceding fiscal year.

The Resolutions Book contains all resolutions submitted by UBCM member local governments for consideration by the full UBCM membership at the 2015 Annual Convention. The resolutions process is the main driver for UBCM policy-making, wherein local governments across the province express concerns, share their experiences and take a united position. Resolutions endorsed by the membership are conveyed to other orders of government or organizations involved in local affairs, as appropriate.

The Nominating Committee Report presents the results of the call for advance nominations for the UBCM Executive. Further nominations can be received at Convention following the procedures set out in the Report.

A hard copy of the 2015 UBCM Annual Report and Resolutions Book, and the Nominating Committee Report, will be mailed the week of August 24, 2015 to each elected official and CAO from member local governments and member First Nations.

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