Report Supports Local Government Crime Prevention Measures

The report by the provincial Blue Ribbon Panel on Crime Reduction supports crime prevention measures requested by local government.  The recommendations in the report mirror a number of issues identified by UBCM during its meeting with the Panel, including increased use of restorative justice measures; expansion of mental health and addiction services; expansion of the prolific offender program; and

The report (Getting Serious About Crime Reduction) by the Blue Ribbon Panel highlights the need for a collaborative approach to address and promote more effective cooperation in crime reduction activities at the provincial and community levels and recommends that the following actions be undertaken:

  • Amend the Police Act to require all police forces to participate in integrated services and offender management programs;
  • Develop provincial guidelines and standards for addiction treatment providers;
  • Establish a taskforce, representing relevant ministries and agencies, to identify ways to address the issues related to unlicensed recovery homes;
  • Make greater use of restorative justice programs;
  • Develop, in collaboration with the UBCM, province-wide standards to govern the implementation and management of diversion and restorative justice programs;
  • Appoint a senior crime reduction leader to improve interagency collaboration, establish an Interagency Community Partnership (ICP) pilot project in a designated community, and establish a centre of excellence that would provide leadership, best practices, research on collaboration models in other jurisdictions and support or training for communities;
  • Re-direct existing funding to support new approaches to dealing with persistent offenders, managing short incarceration sentences and supervising offenders in the community.

Overall, the Panel held 14 stakeholder roundtable sessions across the province and spoke to over 600 stakeholders.  The Blue Ribbon report made six general recommendations to the Provincial government:

  • Manage prolific and priority offenders more effectively;
  • Make quality mental health and addiction services more accessible;
  • Make greater use of restorative justice:
  • Support an increased emphasis on designing out crime;
  • Strengthen inter-agency collaboration;
  • Re-examine funding approaches to provide better outcomes.

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