Province’s First Nations Engagement Guide

The Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development has released its updated Guide to First Nations Engagement on Local Government Statutory Approvals (interim).

The Guide was created to assist local governments by providing an outline of the process to obtain statutory approval from the Province in cases where local government proposals and activities trigger the Crown’s duty to consult, such as:
•    Boundary changes and restructures, under Part 2 of the Local Government Act;
•    Bylaw adoption or amendment of an official community plan for the Islands Trust Act, s. 27(2)(b);
•    Adoption or amendment of zoning bylaw for bylaws adopted after March 1990 or not covered by an official community plan approval by the minister after March 1990,slands Trust Act, s. 56; and,
•    Official community plan bylaw for the Resort Municipality of Whistler Act, s. 11 and other mountain resort municipalities if required by Letters Patent.

This document is considered interim largely because its content may be impacted by future events, policy decisions, legal developments, federal/provincial initiatives, and changes to treaty making and negotiations. The Guide’s contents should not be taken as legal advice.

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