Province Releases Climate Leadership Team Recommendations

The Province has released the recommendations from the Climate Leadership Team (CLT).  The CLT, consisting of leaders from the business, academic and environmental communities, as well as First Nations and local governments, was appointed by Premier Clark to review options for economic development and greenhouse-gas emissions reductions.   It was also tasked with making recommendations for the Province‚Äôs new Climate Leadership Plan.

The Climate Leadership Team developed 32 recommendations around climate action measures, with a focus on emissions reductions and carbon pricing. The BC Mayors Climate Leadership Council has welcomed the release of the recommendations.  The Council supports the recommendations to increase the carbon tax at a predictable rate, the emphasis on public transit, biomass, clean energy vehicles, and the need to further advance the building code.

The CLT recommendations, along with public consultation, will provide input into the development of the final Climate Leadership Plan to be released in March 2016.

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