President's Address Focuses on Provincial Relationship

In an address Wednesday, UBCM President Sav Dhaliwal commended the Province for areas where collaborative work with local government was producing results while also encouraging the government to do better in matters of consultation.

Councillor Dhaliwal acknowledged Provincial engagement on a wide range of issues, including proposed new guidelines for election expenses; consultation on a land spill response framework; funding support for the Community to Community program and small water systems; and the renewal of an MOU between UBCM and the Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation that was signed Monday.

Dhaliwal indicated a need for greater transparency by the Province with regard to the local government share of the New Building Canada Fund. The President also invited closer consultation with UBCM on proposed legislative changes to the office of the Auditor General for Local Government. In the resolutions session following the speech, delegates endorsed Resolution A1 calling on the province to allocate 60% of New Building Canada Funding to infrastructure owned by local government.

Councillor Dhaliwal also reiterated UBCM’s commitment to the Strong Fiscal Futures Report, which provides a framework to renew local government finance in B.C. Delegates unanimously endorsed this report at the 2013 UBCM Convention. Dhaliwal also praised the Federation of Canadian Municipalities for their election readiness strategy.

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