NEB Seeks Feedback on Emergency Management Information

The National Energy Board (NEB) is asking the public to participate in a consultation on the transparency of emergency management information. Local governments are welcome to provide comments until June 25, 2015.

This NEB public consultation process will solicit comments about emergency management and response including the type, and level, of emergency management information that is both protective of public safety and the environment and builds confidence in the NEB’s regulatory oversight. It will also include a review of the guidance developed by the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association, on behalf of its member companies, that will outline principles for transparency of emergency management information, scheduled for release later this spring.

The NEB will provide a response regarding the comments received at the conclusion of the public consultation period.

At the 2014 Convention, UBCM members passed resolution LR1 to oppose the loss of the standard public hearing process from the National Energy Board’s application review and tribunal process. The resolution also urged UBCM call on the provincial and federal governments, through their appropriate and respective roles, to develop, in consultation with local governments, First Nations, and citizens, the restoration of a full public hearing process to the NEB’s consideration of all applications. At the same Convention, UBCM members also endorsed resolution LR3, which asks the NEB to require that pipeline operators provides site specific consequence analyses and response plans and tactics for submerged and sunken oil to be subject to public review and approval by impacted communities.

The concerns identified in resolutions 2014-LR1 and 2014-LR3 were raised by UBCM when it met with NEB Chair Peter Watson earlier this year.

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