Natural Resource Permitting Project

Over the years, UBCM members have called for a more coordinated and timely approach for referrals and approvals of permits and licences.  The good news is that message has been heard.  Visit the BC government’s booth at UBCM, and learn more about the Natural Resource Permitting Project (NRPP).

Now in year 2 of its 7-year mandate, the NRPP is being delivered by the Natural Resource Transformation Secretariat to provide better access to information online and improve the way decisions are made in the natural resource sector.

The project will integrate data, legislation, people and processes across the six natural resource ministries and various agencies, boards and commissions. This will enable timely access to consistent information people need to complete an online application for a variety of authorizations in the natural resource sector – from a hunting permit to a licence to cut trees.  It ensures that the permitting process will be streamlined, while maintaining the rigorous standards and stewardship that citizens of this Province expect.

The first release of the pre-application online service is set to launch Fall 2015 through its Natural Resource Sector Online Services (NRSOS) website. For more information, read the NRPP overview and watch the NRSOS demo video.

UBCM’s Community Economic Development Committee is looking forward to learning more about the NRPP in early 2016, when ministry staff is expected to meet with UBCM to provide an overview of the Project.

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