Local Government Representation on PRIMECorp Board

UBCM is currently looking to nominate a local government representative as a Director to the PRIMECorp Board.  The Director may be an elected official or local government staff and should have one or more of the following qualifications: strong financial expertise, government expertise, board experience and a community profile.

The Police Records Information Management Environment (PRIME-BC) is an information retrieval system used by police services in the province.  PRIME-BC provides real-time information to officers on the street and facilitates crime analysis and mapping along with numerous other investigational and officer safety aspects. 

The province established a private corporation in March 2003 to manage the information system (PRIMECorp) and the Board was expanded in 2010 to allow for local government representation.  The Board of Directors is made up of police agencies that use the system (i.e. Director of Police Services, RCMP ā€œEā€ Division, Vancouver Police, Capital Regional District Police Chiefs, Mainland Municipal Police Chiefs, President/CEO E-Comm) and local government representatives.  The cost of the system is recovered from the users.  Local government currently pays about $1,000 dollars per year for each RCMP officer within their jurisdiction.

The PRIMECorp Board holds meetings in Vancouver approximately two or three times a year.  Reasonable meeting attendance expenses will be bourn by UBCM.

If you are interested in participating in the LGCMC, please contact UBCM Senior Policy Advisor, Ken Vance by February 4, 2015. The UBCM Executive will look to make the nomination at its upcoming meeting on February 13, 2015.

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