Last Chance to Register for Elected Officials Seminars

Time is running out to register for one of the Local Government Leadership Academy’s (LGLA) Elected Officials Seminars.  The series kicks off next week with the Small (Jan. 13-15) and Large Communities (Jan. 14-16) events, followed by seminars for Electoral Areas (Jan. 19-21) and SILGA Communities (Jan. 20-22).

Events for AVICC Communities are already sold out, but there’s still space in the NCLGA (Feb. 4-6) and AKBLG (Feb. 18-20) seminars.   

The Local Government Leadership Academy’s Elected Officials Seminars are held only in the year immediately following local government elections. Established specifically to fill the void in training and leadership development opportunities for elected officials, there is no other group fulfilling this function as comprehensively as the LGLA.

We open our seminars with a compelling keynote on local government leadership and we offer sessions on meeting procedures, local government law, roles and responsibilities of elected officials, decision making, finance, community planning, citizen engagement, communications and the media, and more. We recruit both professional speakers and local government elected officials and senior staff people from around the province to share their advice and experiences with our new and returning elected officials.

Whether you need to learn the basics of how to run a meeting, or whether you’re interested in the finer points of decision making, or just want an opportunity to network with colleagues and mentors from all types of communities in all areas of the province, the Elected Officials Seminars are for you. Don’t miss this once-in-every-four-years opportunity! Check out our program and register now…seminars are in some cases already full! If you have questions, please contact Errin Morrison, Program Manager.

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