Dr. Roberta Bondar: Passionate Earthling and Inspiring Canadian

In the keynote address, Dr. Roberta Bondar encouraged delegates to embrace their unlimited potential in order to shine as leaders.

With a mixture of space footage, Star Wars clips and brilliant photography, Dr. Bondar shared her experiences as a neurologist, astronaut and environmental steward with delegates.  She spoke keenly to the need for local leaders to capture and control energy in order to germinate local ideas into action.

Dr. Bondar also spoke to the notion of the speed of change.  She perhaps surprised delegates with the fact that it only takes eight and a half minutes to travel into space. Bondar also urged elected officials to adapt to change quickly while keeping in mind that change happens at every pace.

Continuing with space travel analogies, Dr. Bondar spoke to the disorienting nature of zero gravity environments.  She reminded delegates that it is easy to believe that the world is stable, when in fact it is constantly in motion.  Similar to the role of elected officials, Dr. Bondar spoke to the need to adapt and respond, and provide help and support, when things are coming at you from all directions.

In closing and in the questions that followed, Dr. Bondar spoke to how her travels in space changed her perspective.  “Watching the moon from space challenges the idea that things can’t be done differently.” She encouraged delegates to cherish the vision that brought them to positions of leadership and to continue to reach into the world of potential.

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