Dementia-Friendly Communities Toolkit Available

The Alzheimer Society of B.C. launched its new Dementia-Friendly Communities Local Government Toolkit today at convention. This practical resource helps local government understand how to become more inclusive of people living with dementia.

The Toolkit was created with input from people with dementia, caregivers and an expert committee. It is part of the Society’s Dementia-Friendly Communities initiative, which focuses on inclusion of people with dementia and stigma reduction in community. In a dementia-friendly community, people are aware and informed, understanding that a person with dementia may need support at the post office or using transport, for example.

The Toolkit provides steps towards becoming a dementia-friendly community with examples and case studies. It also includes an Action Plan template and information on working with the Society.

A key part of becoming dementia-friendly is education: the Society provides Dementia Friends education to communities. This spring, British Columbia’s Legislative Assembly became the first dementia-friendly legislature in Canada by taking this education. New Westminster recently became the first dementia-friendly city council in the province.

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