Delegates Endorse Resolution to Eliminate AGLG

UBCM members endorsed a resolution calling for the government to eliminate the Office of the Auditor General for Local Government (AGLG) on Thursday morning.

Resolution B85: Office of Auditor General for Local Government was endorsed by 54.5 percent through an electronic vote.  The resolution, brought forward by the District of North Saanich, was subject to considerable debate by the membership.

Councillor Catherine Lord from the City of Vernon told delegates that she supported the motion based on her community’s experience as an audit community that had worked with the AGLG. Ms. Lord noted that audit process “took a considerable amount of time” but provided “a minimal end result.”

Township of Esquimalt Councillor Beth Burton-Krahn spoke against the resolution light of the qualifications of the new Auditor General for Local Government, Mr. Gordon Ruth, announced by the Province yesterday.  “There is a new Minister and new [AGLG] leadership and should be given another chance.” 

Mayor Bruce Milne of Sechelt, whose local government has been audited by the AGLG, also spoke against the motion. “No one can read the reports released thus far and not see the value in outlining best practices and recommendations based on actual findings,” said Milne. “Claiming we do not need audits of our spending puts us in the same category as the Canadian Senate or the UK House of Lords. Our communities deserve better. They want us to be open and transparent.”

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