Deadline Nearing for Site Remediation Consultation

Consultation on the site remediation legislative and regulatory review will be closing on Monday, February 2nd. Local governments are reminded to provide their feedback by this date.

The Ministry of Environment has been consulting on changes to British Columbia’s legal regime for soil relocation and site identification (site profiles) since September 2014, however, due to requests from stakeholders, the Ministry has extended the consultation period for the Land Remediation Legislative and Regulatory Review – Soil Relocation & Site Profile Process.

A discussion paper and response forms are posted on the Ministry website. Stakeholders, including local governments, are encouraged to submit any comments to consultation questions that they have prior to the closing. The Ministry has also contracted Cindy Bertram of C. Rankin & Associates to manage the consultation process. If you have any questions regarding the consultation process, check the Ministry website or contact:

Cindy Bertram
PO Box 28159 Westshore RPO
Victoria, BC  V9B 6K8

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