Change Day BC

On October 15, 2015 (15.10.15), the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council invites individuals and organizations involved in health and social care to participate in Change Day BC by committing to making a change or trying something new to make things better for your community, family, colleagues or yourself.

Pledges may be big or small and relate to any topic of your choice. They are voluntary and personal commitments to changing care for the better. The Change Day campaign started within England’s National Health Service, where pledges included leading a healthier lifestyle, spending a day in a wheelchair to better understand a patient’s challenges, tasting medicine to appreciate why children complain about its taste, and introducing oneself to patients – the phenomenal hellomynameis campaign.

Even seemingly small pledges can have a positive effect. When combined with all of the other pledges, we can create a tremendous wave of improvement that ripples throughout our organization and system.  

Join the campaign through the ChangeDayBC website or on Facebook.You can also follow the campaign on Instagram and on Twitter.

The BC Patient Safety & Quality Council would be pleased to support you in promoting Change Day BC or planning activities and events in your community or place of work. For more information contact ChangeDayBC by email or at 604-668-8223.

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