Update on National RCMP Contract Management Committee

The second of the bi-annual meetings for the Contract Management Committee (CMC) was held the week of November 24th, 2014 in Ottawa.  The Committee discussed a range of issues of interest to local government, such as pension costs, severance pay, cost saving measures and the cost of national RCMP programs. 

The CMC is the forum that was created for consultation and communication between the Provinces/Territories (PTs) and Public Safety Canada / RCMP with respect to managing the RCMP contract.  Local government representatives from British Columbia, Alberta, and Nova Scotia attended the meeting.

Provincial / Territorial Police Services Agreement Companion Document

This document, which will be available in the New Year, will serve as an interpretation guide to the police service agreements with the Federal Government.  The BC LGCMC working group provided feedback on the working draft.  With much input and work from all levels of government and RCMP, during the recent meetings the Companion Document was accepted and signed off by the provincial and federal co-chairs of the CMC.

With the completion of the CMC Companion Document work can now begin on a Companion Document for the RCMP contracts that local governments have with the Province of BC.  This project will be initiated in the New Year.

Pension Costs

The employer contribution rate for 2014/15 is 20.23% of salary.  It is projected to increase to 22.7% in 2015/16 and is expected to remain at that rate until 2018.  The 5 year financial plans to be provided by the RCMP reflect this increased rate.

Severance Pay

There was continued discussion with respect to severance, and negotiations continue.  BC representatives continue to work toward a solution.  CMC remains committed to pursuing an agreement that allows local governments to retire any service obligations over the remaining term of the RCMP contract, without interest.  The anticipated rate is similar to what you have historically paid and is currently budgeted in your 5 year financial plans at $1,023 per member. 

Cost Savings Measures

After the successful savings strategy of transitioning RCMP members to provincial and territorial health care plans, the RMCP continues to strive for savings and efficiencies in health and human resource areas.  

The RCMP’s internal disability management program is undergoing modernization.  The RCMP is focusing on proactively working with members, supervisors, health services staff and other stakeholders to co-ordinate support efforts and early intervention to assist in return to work planning.  A modernized disability management program has the potential to benefit the organization, contract jurisdictions and its members in terms of member wellbeing, financial savings, increased productivity and improved employee morale.  Similar retooling of disability case management programs has proven successful with several large companies in managing employee disability cases.  

National Programs

For many years, $3,500 per member has been included in the RCMP contract billings to cover the cost of National Recruiting, Cadet Training and Police Dog Training.   An independent consultant has been retained to conduct reviews of the National Cadet Training and Recruiting Programs so that the CMC can more thoroughly understand the programs and associated costs.  In addition, the RCMP are doing an internal program review of the Police Dog Training Program so that its costs and services are understood.

As outlined in the Police Service Agreements, starting in fiscal 2015/16 the flat rate will move to actual costs.  The following costs have been built into your 5 year plans:  National Recruiting:  $1,068 per member Cadet Training:  $2,944 per member.  Police Dogs:  $27,624 per dog team.

RCMP Pay Council

The RCMP will receive a new pay and compensation package for January 2015; however, the amount of any increase or change in benefits will likely not be known until after March 31 of 2015.  An estimate has not been included in the Multi Year Plan delivered to your municipality in May 2015. According to the valuation exercise performed by the Pay Council, the RCMP are currently 9.6% behind the average of the top three in their universe – and several departments have not yet settled their contracts.  When the package is finalized it will be retroactive to January.   In accordance with the PPSA, the PTs have requested the opportunity to provide cost impact and other comments on the package to federal Treasury Board before any decisions are made.

The RCMP Pay Council has a mandate to provide recommendations to the Commissioner regarding the pay, benefits and working conditions of RCMP members.  PT CMC representatives attended the October 2014 Pay Council meetings to provide CMC related concerns to assist in shaping the recommendations.  Confidentiality and information sharing issues continue to be explored by CMC as matters discussed with Pay Council are subject to cabinet confidences.  PT CMC members participating at the October meetings felt their concerns were heard and are hopeful their input will be helpful in the compensation recommendations process.  

Elimination of Civilian Member category of Federal Employees

The Federal Government may be eliminating the Civilian Member (CM) category of Federal employees in the future and as previously advised, only a few communities have employees that fall into this category (large detachments). These communities have the option of replacing civilian employees with Municipal employees.

The other item of interest to local government is that the formulae used to allocate Division Administration Costs currently include Regular Members (RMs) and CMs.  With the elimination of the CM category, the Federal Government has been advised by the PT and LG members of the CMC that no adverse cost shifts to local governments should take place as a result of this change.  

E Division Headquarters (Green Timbers)

Discussions regarding the accommodations costs at Green Timbers continue.

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