Update on National RCMP Contract Committee

A meeting of the National Contract Management Committee (NCMC) was held the week of May 6, 2014 in Ottawa.  The Committee looked at a range of issues around the RCMP contract of interest to local government, such as pension costs, cost saving measures that have been implemented, and the workings of the Pay Council that set RCMP pay, benefits and working conditions.

The NCMC is the forum that was created for consultation and communication between the Provinces/Territories and Public Safety Canada / RCMP with respect to managing the RCMP contract.  Local government representatives from British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Nova Scotia attended the meeting. 

The following is a summary of the key items discussed at the meeting:

Provincial / Territorial Police Services Agreement Companion Document

This document is to serve as an interpretation guide to the police service agreements with the Federal Government.  The BC LGCMC working group provided feedback on a draft and the document should be finalized by the end of June, 2014.  Work will then begin on a companion document for the RCMP contracts that local governments have with the Province of BC.

Pension Costs

The employer contribution rate for 2014/15 is 20.23% of salary.  It is projected to increase to 22.7% in 2015/16 and is expected to remain at that rate until 2018.  The 5 year financial plans to be provided by the RCMP will reflect this increased rate.

Severance Pay

There was significant discussion but no agreement on a resolution to this issue.  NCMC remains committed to pursuing an agreement that allows local governments to retire any service obligations over the remaining term of the RCMP contract, without interest.  The rate is currently budgeted at $1,023 per member. 

Cost Savings Measures

The savings that have been achieved by having RCMP members receive medical coverage through provincial health plans will be reflected in the 5 year financial plans.  The following cost savings were built into the fiscal 2014/15 plan:
  • Health Cost Savings:  $1,750 per member
  • Leave Cost Savings:   $500 per member

National Programs

For many years, $3,500 per member has been included in the RCMP contract billings to cover the cost of National Recruiting, Cadet Training and Police Dog Training.  This amount has not changed in about 20 years.  An independent consultant has been retained to review the National Cadet Training and Recruiting Programs to understand the programs and associated costs.  In addition, the RCMP are doing an internal program review of the Police Dog Training Program so that its costs and services are understood.

Starting with fiscal 15/16, the flat rate will move to actual costs.  The following costs have been built into the plan:  National Recruiting:  $1,068 per member Cadet Training:  $2,944 per member.  Police Dogs:  $27,624 per dog team.

RCMP Pay Council

The RCMP Pay Council has a mandate to provide recommendations to the Commissioner on the pay, benefits and working conditions for active RCMP members.  Two NCMC representatives attended a meeting with the Pay Council in January 2014 to see how they could be involved in the deliberations of the Pay Council.  The current terms of reference for the Pay Council do not allow NCMC representatives to be members of the Pay Council though they could be invited as guests to some of the meetings.  There are also issues around confidentiality as the deliberations are subject to cabinet confidence.

Having NCMC representatives at the January 2014 Pay Council meeting to gain a better understanding of the Pay Council was a positive step towards our aim of having input into the compensations recommendations that are made to the Commissioner.

Elimination of Civilian Member category of Federal Employees

The Federal Government is eliminating the Civilian Member (CM) category of Federal employees in 2015 and as previously advised, only a few communities have employees who fall into this category (large detachments).  These communities have the option of replacing these employees with Municipal employees.

The other item of interest to local government is that the formulae used to allocate Division Administration Costs currently include Regular Members (RMs) and CMs.  With the elimination of the CM category, the Federal Government has been advised by the PT and LG members of the NCMC that no adverse cost shifts to local governments should take place as a result of this change.

E Division Headquarters (Green Timbers)

There is still no agreement between the Federal government and the Province over the cost of accommodations in the RCMP Headquarters building known as 'Green Timbers'.  The Province has offered to pay fair market value rent for the space required in the building.  Alternate dispute resolution provisions may be engaged to resolve this issue.

In the 2014/15 plan, this was budgeted at a rate of $1,200 per member.  For 2015/16, this has been reduced to $900 per member.
For integrated teams, this rate was $20,000 per member and has been reduced to $15,000 per member for 2015/16.

The UBCM representative on the National Contract Management Committee is Paul Gill, General Manager of Corporate & Financial Services for the District of Maple Ridge.  He also serves on UBCM's Local Government Contract Management Committee (LGCMC).

The Local Government Contract Management Committee welcomes feedback on any of the issue identified above or any other matter related to the RCMP contract.  Questions or comments should be directed to Ken Vance, UBCM Senior Policy Advisor (e-mail: kvance@ubcm.ca).

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