UBCM Conducts Annual Member Visits

UBCM staff fanned out over the province in Spring as part of their annual member visits.

Each year, UBCM seeks to visit approximately one quarter of the membership through staff to staff meetings.  As part of UBCM’s continuous improvement approach, the visits provide an opportunity to identify community and regional issues that inform policy approaches and priorities, solicit feedback on UBCM’s effectiveness and responsiveness, and share information on the organization’s annual priorities.   

This year, the majority of visits took place in Vancouver Island and Northern communities.   UBCM staff highlighted the scope of the renewed Gas Tax Funding agreement as well as the work being done on moving forward with the recommendations in Strong Fiscal Futures.   Visited communities identified a range of pressing issues, from the Auditor General for Local Government, to sewerage infrastructure, to the packaging and printed paper product stewardship program.  Economic development was a key issue for many, in terms of transitioning economies, economic diversification, and accommodating anticipated and actual economic growth.

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