Tank Car Consultation

Transport Canada has launched a stakeholder consultation on a proposal for a new class of tank cars for flammable liquids shipped by rail.  This proposal builds upon the decision made earlier this year to phase-out by May 1, 2017, the DOT – 111 cars built prior to 2011.  It also would require all tank cars used to ship flammable liquids in Canada to eventually meet the new tank car design being proposed.

The topic of tank car safety has been raised as issue of concern for BC communities and will be coming forward as a resolution at this year’s UBCM Convention.  Local governments wishing to provide feedback can email Transport Canada before the September 1, 2014 deadline.   The Federation of Canadian Municipalities will also be making a submission based on the work that has been underway through their National Municipal Rail Safety Working Group.

For more information on the proposed new tank care consultation and proposed retrofit schedule, please review the explanatory note prepared by Transport Canada.

A final regulatory decision will be made later this fall.

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