Special Resolution on Strong Fiscal Futures

A special resolution (SR 1 Strong Fiscal Futures) will be brought before delegates during the policy session this morning beginning at 10:30 am.  The wording of resolution, which is being brought forward by UBCM’s Executive, is provided in this advisory.

Special Resolution - SR1 Strong Fiscal Futures                       UBCM Executive

Whereas the UBCM membership unanimously endorsed the Strong Fiscal Futures report at the 2013 Convention;

And whereas UBCM has sought to engage the Province on strengthening the local government finance system and improving taxpayer value through a spirit of collaboration and partnership;

And whereas the Province, through the “Core Review” process, without consultation with UBCM, identified areas of provincial concern with the local government finance system:

Therefore be it resolved that UBCM urge the Province to commit to meaningful engagement under the Strong Fiscal Futures framework in order to meet our respective mandates of strengthening the local government finance system.


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