Small Water Systems Working Group Reports Out

The UBCM Small Water Systems Working Group reported out on its deliverables at the Electoral Area Directors Forum earlier today. The Working Group generated several deliverables including financial best management practices guidelines, subdivision best management practices guidelines, and a recommendations paper for addressing key small water system challenges.

The Chair of the Working Group, Chair Al Richmond, provided an overview of the Working Groups activities and deliverables that are designed to address outstanding local government concerns around small water systems, including:
  • financial best management practices guidelines designed to support the financial sustainability of small water systems;
  • subdivision best management practices guidelines to address subdivision challenges associated with planning and servicing systems;
  • a recommendations paper for provincial consideration, which contains proposed new small water definitions designed to ensure the sustainability of small water systems
The UBCM Executive recently reviewed the work of the Working Group at the end of January, and endorsed the recommendations paper – Recommendations for Addressing Key Small Water Systems Challenges.

A more in-depth article discussing rationale, scope of engagement, deliverables, and key recommendations will appear in a future issue of The Compass.

For further information on the work of the UBCM Small Water Systems Working Group, please contact Jared Wright.

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