Partnership Agreement Targets Reconciliation Initiatives

UBCM has signed a Partnership Agreement with Reconciliation Canada that will allow the parties to work together in an on-going, collaborative manner to initiate, foster, and support reconciliation initiatives and activities to benefit British Columbians, including the delivery of 100 Reconciliation Dialogue workshops to local communities.

The agreement, which runs until December 31, 2016, supports the 2013 UBCM resolution declaring a ‘Year of Reconciliation’ with First Nations across BC. As part of the Partnership Agreement, UBCM, within the scope of the First Nations Committee’s work and in alignment with UBCM policy, agrees to perform the following duties:

  • Advocate for and support Reconciliation Canada’s efforts to engage British Columbians and all Canadians in reconciliation through various initiatives and activities.
  • Rely on the experience and expertise available through the Partnership to assist in development and implementation of UBCM’s future reconciliation policy directions, initiatives and activities.

Reconciliation Canada, a charitable organization formed in 2012 to promote reconciliation, agrees to the following:

  • Actively support UBCM’s commitment to reconciliation and its ‘Year of Reconciliation’ initiatives to foster new relationships with First Nations across BC.
  • With UBCM support, deliver initiatives in BC communities to catalyze ongoing reconciliation dialogue, action, and partnerships.
  • Rely on the experience and expertise available through the Partnership Agreement to grow and advance relationships with municipal and community leaders across BC and Canada.

Reconciliation Canada is an Aboriginal-led, non-partisan organization formed in 2012 to promote reconciliation through building new relationships among Aboriginal people and all Canadians. Reconciliation Canada is partnering with UBCM and the BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres to deliver 100 Reconciliation Dialogue Workshops to local communities.

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