Oil Spill Council Seeks New Members

Interested UBCM members are invited to apply for a seat on Transport Canada’s Pacific Regional Advisory Council (PRAC) on Oil Spill Preparedness and Response.

The existing membership on PRAC will expire at the end of December 2014. Transport Canada is looking for expressions of interest to fill these positions and to establish an eligibility list for future vacancies.

The PRAC, a key part of Canada’s preparedness and response system since 1995 is an advisory group comprised of up to seven members, who are appointed by the Minister of Transport to represent the communities and interests potentially affected by a ship source marine oil spill. In this role, PRAC provides the opportunity for members to discuss regional issues and provide advice to the Minister of Transport on oil spill preparedness and response.

PRAC members are considered for appointment to the council for terms not to exceed three years and meet approximately twice annually in Vancouver or other coastal BC communities. Participation is voluntary and members are expected to represent the interests of their community and/or organization.

The PRAC can include, but is not limited to, representatives from:

  • Municipalities
  • Fishing and aquaculture interests
  • Environmental interests
  • Aboriginal interests
  • Port authorities
  • Business and business associations
  • Shipping interests and oil handling facilities
  • Representatives from academia, marine law and related disciplines

If you are interested in becoming a member of PRAC, submit your resume along with a description of how you can contribute to Canada’s marine oil spill preparedness and response regime. Please send this information by December 1, 2014 to:

Transport Canada Marine Safety and Security
Pacific Regional Advisory Council Secretariat
501-1230 Government Street,
Victoria, British Columbia, V8W 3M4
Email: erik.kidd@tc.gc.ca

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