Off Road Vehicle Bill Introduced

Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations Minister Steve Thomson introduced the Off Road Vehicle Act, Bill 13 into the Legislative Assembly last week. The Bill is the culmination of consultation over many years with key stakeholders and responds to endorsed resolutions by UBCM members asking the Province to regulate and license off road vehicles (ORVs).

The introduction of this Bill is a testament to the strength of the UBCM resolutions process in pressing for legislative change.

Responding to the announcement, UBCM President Rhona Martin said the new measures “will increase safety, enhance community connectivity through trail networks, and safeguard the beauty and integrity of B.C.'s wilderness. The extensive consultation undertaken by the province on this issue has resulted in legislation that balances the interests of many different groups."

Chair Art Kaehn, UBCM's Community Economic Development (CED) Committee Chair and representative to the ORV Joint Advisory Group (JAG) wishes to acknowledge the support provided from the local elected officials and staff who have served on UBCM's ORV Local Government Working Group. This group has served as an excellent sounding board in the development of this Bill. Chair Kaehn also thanks Mayor Mary Sjostrom, UBCM Past President, who previously provided many years of leadership and support as UBCM's CED Chair and representative to the ORV JAG. UBCM looks forward to continuing to work with our local government members in the coming months as the Province moves toward development of regulations that will accompany the Bill.

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