MMBC Committee Invites Expressions of Interest

UBCM is calling for expressions of interest from local government representatives who wish to sit on Multi-Material BC's new Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee will serve as a forum for stakeholders impacted by the packaging and printed paper stewardship program to be kept informed of program developments and to provide feedback on core program elements.

As part of UBCM's efforts to monitor the implementation of the packaging and printed paper stewardship program, the UBCM Executive has called for representation on Multi-Material BC's (MMBC) new Advisory Committee. MMBC has offered UBCM three seats on the Advisory Committee – two voting seats for elected officials and one non-voting  seat for technical staff.

The Advisory Committee is being established to serve as a forum through which BC stakeholders with an interest in the success and performance of MMBC's printed paper and packaging stewardship program are kept informed about program developments and through which they can be consulted for advice and feedback on core program elements.

The purpose of the Advisory Committee is as follows:

  • provide feedback and advice on MMBC's program design and suggest modifications to meet program objectives and targets;
  • identify issues that might concern stakeholders and suggest how they might be addressed;
  • foster collaborative problem-solving on matters of joint-interest;
  • foster better communication and understanding between MMBC and stakeholders impacted by MMBC's program; and
  • ensure committee members are kept up to date on the performance of MMBC's program, and provide them with the information they need to keep their constituencies informed.

The Advisory Committee is currently seeking representation from those stakeholder groups who are impacted by MMBC's PPP program in their capacity as service providers, producers/stewards, environmental NGOs and/or consumers/residents.

Draft terms of reference are currently being developed, and the Committee composition is being finalized. MMBC anticipates that the Advisory Committee will have its inaugural meeting during the week of March 17th.

For those interested in sitting on the Committee, please send your expression of interest to Jared Wright, UBCM Director of Advocacy and Government Relations.

Please note that UBCM's call for expressions of interest will close on Wednesday, March 19th.

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