Merits of Investing in Green Energy Discussed

Convention delegates received an informative explanation of the merits of investing in green energy at a clinic on Thursday.

Dale Littlejohn, Executive Director of the Community Energy Association (CEA) along with City of North Vancouver Mayor Darrell Mussatto delivered the presentation to a packed room.

Littlejohn presented findings from the CEA’s research on investment and governance decisions made by successful renewable energy utilities and projects in B.C.  He began by drawing a link between climate action and resilient asset management.  Communities are showing a growing interest in green energy.  CARIP (Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program) reports show that 180 community and corporate energy generation projects were undertaken in 2010-11 alone.

Littlejohn also cautioned delegates, “Conserve energy first, and innovate second. No one solution is right for everyone.”

Mayor Mussatto outlined the success of the Lonsdale Energy Corporation’s district energy model. Incorporated in July 7, 2003, the heating utility provides natural gas, solar and geo-exchange sources of heating to approximately 42 buildings, and over 2,700 residential units in the Lonsdale neighbourhood. City Council approved the rates and regulations for the utility, which is comprised of a “distributed network of small, unstaffed mini energy plants, rather than a single heating plant”. These mini plants work by circulating hot water through buildings connected to the system.

Financing was provided through a Federation of Canadian Municipalities loan and federal Gas Tax Funding. The next phase (2014-2023) of the project will involve investigating and implementing alternate, more efficient energy sources.

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