Leap in Gas Tax funded projects

The impact of the federal Gas Tax Fund on BC communities continues to grow.  Based on local government reporting, the program provided funding for 676 infrastructure and planning projects in 2013, 433 of which are new – a 20% increase as compared to 2012.

UBCM is preparing its 2013 Gas Tax Annual Expenditure Report to be released next month. This report will highlight the financial and project details for the 2013 Federal Gas Tax Fund reporting year, as well as report on the cumulative data for the nine year Gas Tax Agreement. 

As shown in the table below, the majority of the projects reported focused on improving community energy systems (26%), local transportation (19%), and water infrastructure (18%).  It should also be noted that although public transit initiatives comprised of just 5% of the total projects reported, it encompassed 38% of total expenditures.

The 2013 Gas Tax Annual Expenditure Report will also contain individual project highlights, key communication activities and data on cumulative expenditures on Gas Tax funded projects completed and in progress.   UBCM will post the report on UBCM.ca in late September.

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