Land-based Spill Preparedness

A second policy intentions paper for a Land-based Spill Preparedness and Response Plan will be released in spring 2014. Ministry of Environment staff are available to present on the scope of the second intentions paper prior to its release or during the formal consultation period, upon request of a local government or First Nations.

In November 2012, the Province released a first policy intentions paper on Land Based Spill Preparedness and Response which seeks to create:

  • A world leading regime for land based spill response;
  • A Polluter Pay model;
  • Effective government oversight and co-ordination of industry spill response, and;
  • Effective and efficient rules for restoration of the environment following a spill.

The second intentions paper has been prepared following a year of industry and community consultation, and provides refinement of the first intentions paper. Key issues discussed of concern for local governments include:

  • An industry funded contingency fund
  • Emergency resources available in high risk areas
  • A non-partisan oversight body
  • Geographic response plans, specifically around water sources
  • Industry insurance requirements to adequately cover costs of a spill
  • Wildlife system and ecosystem restoration funded by industry

Once the paper is released communities will have somewhere between 45 – 90 days to provide feedback. Ministry staff are also available to meet during the formal consultation period, upon request.

To request a Ministry presentation for your community, or to find out more information about the Plan, please contact Angie Poss.

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