Interview With Leadership Forum Keynote Speaker

Count yourself lucky if you've already registered for the 2014 LGLA Leadership Forum (Feb 5-7). The LGLA has exceeded its original registration projections and is creating a few additional spaces - act now to secure your spot. Today's update includes an interview with keynote speaker Peter Woods along with a taste of what else is on offer this year.

We have a full complement of local government and First Nations elected officials and staff joining us from around the province this year, and some really top notch sessions, panels and presentations in store. And to start it all off, we have Emeritus Mayor Peter Woods joining us from Australia and asking us, in his keynote address, to “Think Locally and Act Globally”. Mr. Woods will be drawing on his vast international experience, some of which he touches on in a recent interview with the LGLA. Discussing everything from Australia's governance models and mandatory voting to his experiences in North and South Korea, he has us anticipating a very engaging and thought-provoking keynote address. The full interview is available now.

Forum registration is open and accommodation can still be booked at the Richmond Hotel Radisson. Act soon to secure your spot as a delegate and your room onsite!

Please direct your questions to LGLA Program Manager Errin Morrison.

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