Finance Study Focus of Outreach to MLAs

Next week, UBCM Executive members will be meeting with Members of the Legislative Assembly in Victoria to raise awareness of, and continue dialogue on, UBCM's report Strong Fiscal Futures – A Blueprint for Strengthening BC Local Government's Finance System.    

Strong Fiscal Futures represents a blueprint for improving taxpayer value for services, growing the economy in partnership with the Province, and a fairer system of local government finance.   The report provides five key directions for change, and was unanimously endorsed at the UBCM Convention in 2013.

From April 2nd to the 4th, UBCM Executive members with meet with over two dozen MLAs to strengthen relationships and build upon the partnership between local governments and the provincial government.  The meetings provide an opportunity to engage provincial elected officials on a key priority of the membership.

UBCM will be reporting out on the provincial government's response to Strong Fiscal Futures at area association meetings in April and May.

Stay tuned for more information.

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