Executive Monitors PPP Program Implementation

As part of its ongoing monitoring of the implementation of the packaging and printed paper (PPP) stewardship program, the Executive met with delegations from the Ministry of Environment and Multi-Materials BC (MMBC) at its July Executive meeting.  The Executive sought clarification on the financial structure of MMBC, the approach for addressing service provision challenges in some areas, and the state of compliance within the program.  

Allen Langdon, Managing Director of MMBC, provided an update on the scope of the program, the membership structure and fee schedule, and the process for onboarding to the program.  Mr. Landgon also outlined the challenges of not expanding service provision until all producers are in compliance with the program, and paying MMBC fees.  Jim Standen, Assistant Deputy Minister, Ministry of Environment, highlighted the Province‚Äôs efforts to engage with local governments on implementation challenges as well as increase producer compliance with the program.  Mr. Standen noted the recent passing of an administrative penalties regulation under the Environmental Management Act, which increases the ability of MOE to take more rapid action on, and levy stiffer penalties on, producers not complying with their obligations under stewardship programs.

Both delegations acknowledged the emergence of a new potential steward for packaging and printed paper called StewardChoice. The company is a subsidiary of Reclay StewardEdge Inc., which is an international consultancy organization focusing on sustainability issues and end of life product management.  The initial focus of StewardChoice is on multi-family buildings that are not receiving producer funded recycling for packaging and printed paper.

StewardChoice posted a draft stewardship plan for public consultation at the end of June.  Under the Recycling Regulation, a minimum of 45 days of consultation must be given for public review of the plan.  Local governments are encouraged to review and comment on the draft plan.

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