Executive Meeting Summary

The UBCM Executive and its sub-committees met in Richmond on July 16-18. The annual July meeting marks the Secretariat’s report out on a number of year end matters, including adoption of year-end financial statements and adoption of the preliminary budget and work plan for 2014-2015. Executive also reviewed 159 member resolutions submitted for consideration at the 2014 Convention.

Highlights of the July 18th Executive meeting include:

  • received an extensive report on the status of the Multi-Materials BC Packaging and Printed Program; including local government participation in the program; program implementation issues and challenges; producers participating within the MMBC program; and the potential for competition within the stewardship program.
  • received a report on provincial legislation introduced this session of interest to local governments including the enactment of new elections legislation, amendments to the Agricultural Land Commission Act and the Liquor Control and Licensing Act.
  • received a report on the Province’s announcement that it plans to introduce a new BC Building Code in 2015; agreed to engage in discussions related to the potential legislative changes coming forward and will establish a working group to provide advice in that engagement process.
  • received a report on UBCM’s “Advocacy Days” held in conjunction with the April Executive and directed that UBCM continue to undertake similar outreach work in April 2015.
  • received reports on Victoria Operations including Local Government Program Services.
  • received a report on the renewed 10 year Gas Tax Agreement signed on May 22 that will see over $2.76 billion transferred from Canada between 2014 and 2024, with over $253.2 million delivered in the first year; delivered through three funding programs: Community Works Fund; Strategic Priorities Fund; and Greater Vancouver Regional Fund.
  • report a report from the 2014 Nominating Committee advising that the nominations process for Executive positions was underway and the appointment of Chief and Deputy Chief Scrutineer had been completed.
  • received reports on the annual review of MOU and Agreements; Financial Statements for the month and year ending May 31, 2014; annual statutory compliance report; a year end status report of the 2013-2014 annual work program and received the proposed work plan for 2014-2015.
  • received a status and action report on a variety of policy areas that continue to be monitored by UBCM including; introduction of new Off Road Vehicle Act; Natural Resource Roads Act project; Derelict Vessels; BC Transit Independent Review working group; Community/Rail Proximity Initiative; National Municipal Rail Safety working group; Assessment Appeals on Special Use Properties; Aggregate Resource Management; Canadian Prostitution Laws; Care Home Sprinkler Safety; Federal Additions to Reserve;  911 Emergency Services-Wireless Levy; and Farm Assessment-Medical Marijuana Grow Operations.
  • approved external appointments to a number of working groups/committees:

BC Road Safety Strategy Committee – Working Groups
Safe Roads and Communities Committee
Mirjana (Mira) Petrovic, Roads and Transportation Planning   Engineer, City of Surrey

Education and Awareness Committee
Samantha Piper, Public Safety Specialist, City of Chilliwack

Police Structure and Funding Expert Committee
Paul Gill, General Manager of Corporate and Financial Services, District of Maple Ridge
Kevin Cormack, Chief Administrative Officer, City of Nelson
Phyllis Carlyle, General Manager Law & Community Safety, City of Richmond

Multi-Materials BC Advisory Committee
Elected Official Appointment:
Rob Gay, Chair & Director Electoral Area C, Regional District of East Kootenay
Linda Barnes, Councillor, City of Richmond
Staff Appointment:
Andrew Doi, Environmental Planner, Metro Vancouver

  • received correspondence from members on MMBC; a request for development of a guidebook to assist small communities undertaking large construction projects; area association representation at UBCM Executive and an update from the Municipal Pension Plan on Plan status.
  • received reports from the President and staff highlighting activities and meetings on membership’s behalf since the last meeting in April.
  • received a status report on UBCM’s legal assistance fund
  • approved the annual allocation of $5,000 to the Board of Examiners in support of the Jeff McKelvey scholarship fund.
  • received an Annual Report on activities and achievements from the Local Government Leadership Academy.
  • received two delegations relating to the new recycling stewardship regulation – representatives from Multi-Materials BC and the Ministry of Environment.  Both delegations were reported out in the July 23rd issue of the Compass.

Highlights of the July 16th and 17th Committee meetings:


The Committeereceived reports on member services and group benefits programs, staffing, and discussed the plans for the 2014 Excellence Awards program.  Members reviewed next steps with respect to updating the Executive Policies; discussed a number of intergovernmental relations; received reports on 2014 member visits; future convention dates; status of Picture BC and agreed to work with the Province on holding a deer management workshop in cooperation with the Province in advance of UBCM Convention to discuss recommendations for policy and tool development.

A delegation was received from the Municipal Pension Plan Trustees; discussed appointments and received an update on the work of the Municipal Pension Plan Partners.  Committee members also received a delegation from the auditors who discussed the Audit Findings Report from KPMG, and also reviewed financial statements for year-end and discussed the 2014-2015 preliminary budget.

Advocacy will continue on advancing the Strong Fiscal Futures report with the Province and November dates will be explored for the 2018 Convention as result of the move to October 2018 local elections.


The Convention Committee met to make final programming decisions and receive updates on Convention planning to date.  The Committee reviewed over 120 applications to host clinic and workshop sessions, and determined which sessions will be offered. The 2014 Preliminary Program will be updated in the coming weeks to reflect these topics.

Committee members also discussed various logistical and planning activities, including banquet entertainment, speaker gift charities, catering choices, and room allocations. The Committee also received an update on sponsorship, indicating that sponsorship has increased 17% over 2013.

Environment Committee

The Environment Committee received delegations from both the Canadian Energy Pipelines Association (CEPA), and the Environmental Assessment Office (EAO). The CEPA delegation presented their industry oversight model to the Committee, while Paul Craven, Executive Director Policy and Quality Assurance, EAO, presented on the environmental assessment process and recent changes to the EAO.

Also considered were updates on the Water Sustainability Act; the upcoming 2014 UBCM Convention; the Province’s Riparian Areas Regulation; and the Packaging and Printed Paper Stewardship Program.  The Committee supported staff continuing to work with provincial ministries on the Environmental Assessment consultation process, developing supporting regulations for the Water Sustainability Act, and new initiatives related to the Riparian Areas Regulation.

Community Economic Development

The Committee discussed plans for a Monday pre-conference on LNG; received an update from the Chair on UBCM’s meeting with the Parliamentary Secretary for Rural Development Donna Barnett on the Rural BC Project; and received for information Cabinet Minister mandate letters relevant to CED policy work. 

The Committee also discussed the status of the work underway by a consultant for the UBCM/AVICC Special Committee on BC Ferries to evaluate the socio-economic impacts of fare increases and service reductions on communities and the province as a whole.  With respect to the latter, a policy paper outlining the findings of the consultant’s work will be brought forward to the 2014 Convention for member consideration. 

The Committee also agreed to continue to monitor provincial direction on the potential conversion of some forest tenures to area-based management; as well as other land / resource matters in light of the recent Supreme Court on aboriginal rights and title.

Healthy Communities

The Healthy Communities Committee received a delegation from Cathy Ulrich, CEO of Northern Health Authority, who discussed a engagement from Interior Health, Island Health and Northern Health at the UBCM Convention workshop on improving remote and rural health.

The Committee also received updates on the Regional Community Poverty Reduction Strategy; the Ministry of Health’s Healthy Families BC ‘Communities Program’; a social connectedness resource guide produced by the Ministry of Health; a report regarding the Select Standing Committee on Health; general discussion of the potential ‘Improving Health for Remote and Rural Communities’ Convention workshop; and the BC Physical Activity Strategy.

The Committee directed staff: to send a letter be sent to Minister Cadieux, Ministry of Children and Family Development, from the Chair of the Healthy Communities Committee requesting a meeting to discuss the Community Poverty Reduction Strategy Progress Report; to share Committee input on a Ministry of Health “Social Connectedness” resource guide; to send an invitation to the members of the Select Standing Committee on Health to attend the workshop on Rural and Remote Health at the 2014 UBCM Convention in Whistler; and to review related UBCM resolutions and write a submission to the Standing Committee on Health that references to health care issues identified within the mandate of the Standing Committee.

Community Safety

The Community Safety Committee met with Paul Gill, General Manager of Corporate and Financial Services, District of Maple Ridge and the UBCM representative on the National RCMP Contract Management Committee, and received an update on a number of ongoing issues under discussion at the federal/provincial level – pension costs, severance pay, medical cost savings, costs of RCMP “E” Division Headquarters (Green Timbers) etc.

The Committee received updates on provincial issues related to the RCMP contract, changes in the assessment process and reporting requirements related to medical marihuana, and the implementation of the liquor policy review.

First Nations Relations Committee

The First Nations Relations Committee received a delegation from the First Nations Tax Commission (FNTC), who provided an overview of the report “First Nation Property Tax, Services, and Economic Development in British Columbia”. The Committee discussed next steps for the report and future joint work with the FNTC.

The Committee also received updates on the federal Safe Drinking Water for First Nations Act, Additions to Reserve Policy, and 2014 UBCM Convention Session: Reconciliation in Action. They also approved the finalization of a partnership agreement between UBCM and Reconciliation Canada, and discussed ongoing efforts to renew the UBCM/AANDC Memorandum of Understanding. Committee members also reviewed and discussed recent legal developments, including overviews of the Tsilhqot’in Nation v. British Columbia and Squamish v. British Columbia decisions.

Resolutions Committee

Mayor Gaetz presented the Resolutions Committee’s comments and recommendations on the 159 member resolutions received by the June 30 deadline. The Executive approved the Resolution Committee’s comments and recommendations on the resolutions submitted to UBCM for consideration at the 2014 Convention. These resolutions will now be published in the 2014 Annual Report & Resolutions Book, a copy of which will be mailed in mid-August to each local government elected official and CAO. The resolutions will also be posted to the UBCM website at that time.

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