Environment Canada Recovery Strategies Open for Comment

Environment Canada is inviting public comment on proposed recovery strategies for two species at risk: the Marbled Murrelet (a coastal ocean bird) and the Woodland Caribou, Southern Mountain population. Both species are at risk due to habitat loss and human activity.

The comment period will close for the Marbled Murrelet strategy on March 8th and for the Woodland Caribou on March 18th.

During the public comment period you can submit your comments directly through the recovery strategy website. A hard copy of the strategy can be sent upon request. Thirty days after the public comment period, a final recovery strategy will be included on the Public Registry.

If you have questions about the proposed recovery strategies or would like to discuss either in more detail, please contact Undiné Thompson at (604) 664-9055 or by email for the Marbled Murrelet or Woodland Caribou.

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