Elected Officials Seminars Headed Down the Crazy River

George Abbott, former municipal councillor, regional district director and five-time provincial minister, will be taking delegates Somewhere Down the Crazy River in his 2015 EOS keynote address. George is a dynamic and engaging speaker and has promised to deliver “advice from a grizzled veteran for your political journey”. 

With 34 years in elected office behind him – at both the local and provincial level – he is well aware of the demands and pressures of the job. George will focus on the critical importance of building collaborative and respectful relationships with both elected colleagues and administrators.

Building these relationships can mean the difference between a satisfying and sustainable career or…not.  Citing the Eagles, who said it best: “This could be Heaven or this could be Hell,” George recommends the former and his advice will help you get there. Register for any of the first seven 2015 EOS seminars to hear George speak.

And while AKBLG delegates will miss out on George Abbott, they will enjoy a very special appearance by another George. The always-engaging George Cuff – advisor, consultant and pre-eminent author on the art and principles of governance – will address delegates at the Kimberley seminar with his take on leadership at the local level.

The keynote speakers will be part of dynamic lineup for each EOS program. If you have questions about any of the seminars please contact Errin Morrison, Program Manager.

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