Elected Officials Seminar FAQs

The Local Government Leadership Academy’s Elected Officials Seminars (EOS) are held only in the year immediately following local government elections. Established specifically to fill the void in training and leadership development opportunities for elected officials, there is no other group fulfilling this function as comprehensively as the LGLA.

We recruit the best speakers from around the province to share their experience and wisdom with you. Whether you are newly elected and need to learn the basics of local government law, finance, planning, meeting procedures, media relations, etc. or a seasoned elected official heading into your third or fourth term and in need of a refresher or advanced instruction in some of these same topics, we have something for you.

Delegates to the seminars will attend inspiring plenary sessions and networking events together – giving everyone a chance to meet new people, learn from one another, and share the kinds of stories and experiences that only elected officials can. Newly elected folks will follow a stream designed to introduce them to the fundamentals of local governance, and returning elected will attend sessions that go beyond the basics. 

In 2012, 96% of delegates in attendance gave the EOS a good to excellent rating. You don’t want to miss this chance to prepare yourself for your term of office. Invest the time now to ensure that you will be the best local government leader you can be in the coming four years.

A few common questions about the Elected Officials Seminars:

1)   Are the EOS just for newly elected officials?

No…we have targeted instructional streams for newly elected and returning elected officials. The EOS offers something valuable for everyone.

2)   What if I can’t attend the event scheduled for my area?

Along with five regional events (Kelowna, Parksville [2], Prince George and Kimberley) we have events in Richmond for Small Communities, Large Urban Communities and Electoral Areas. The program is essentially the same, so pick the event that works best for you.

3)   What’s the difference between the various events?

While the basic program is the same, the events in the regions will call on local panelists and mentors, and the presenters in Richmond will focus more on issues of relevance to the size or type of local government represented at each event.

4)   Will the experience be worth the time and taxpayer dollars invested?

Yes…whatever time and money you invest in your understanding of the intricacies of local governance and in strategies for effective leadership will pay off in spades throughout your term of office. This is nothing less than the best investment you can make in yourself and your community.

Check out the EOS program and register now…spaces are filling up quickly! If you have questions about any of the seminars please contact Errin Morrison, Program Manager.

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