Develop with Care 2014: Environmental Guidelines for Land Development in BC

A comprehensive guide to maintaining environmental values during the development of urban and rural lands is now available online. Develop with Care 2014: Environmental Guidelines for Urban and Rural Land Development in British Columbia has been prepared for use by local governments, the development community, landowners and environmental organizations.

The latest update includes new information on a variety of topics such as:

  • water and waste management
  • spill prevention
  • hazard management
  • contaminated sites
  • air quality
  • climate change
  • edge planning
  • creating healthy built environments
  • coastal foreshore management
  • forage fish
  • raptor conservation

The guide features information on ‘green’ alternatives to standard urban development practices, riparian protection and the protection of Environmentally Valuable Resources. It also includes a Terms of Reference for conducting biological inventories, checklists for streamlining review processes, and species and land use based Fact Sheets, just to name a few.

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